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Could someone clarify a doubt that i have?

I’am thinking of using the Larún of Shélon – Párahal to get my Thaneman, Ehmelan and Shorka, players, do something different, a more Greek city state intrigue and backstabbing adventure to change the tone a pure middle ages low fantasy campaign, but my doubt is: all Khetira realms are very clan like (extended families), clans dominate almost every aspect of management.
But has I was reading the Khareja module i didn’t find any mention to the ruling clans of the City States or the Larumias,there is a mention to nobles and exceptional characters but non to clans.

We know that the Archons can be of simple origins, is Khareija league a “land” were the common people can rule and achieve great things and not being bond to any strong clan? Or are there clans that dominate the City States affairs and the Larumias that a I missed?

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No, there is no clanlike structure in Karejia that we can tell. Just the City States, and the five social strata of Nobles, Freemen, Katoia (foreigners, including Karejian visitors from another City-State), Allopos (the equivalent of serfs, mainly refugees from some historical war or other), and slaves. Belonging to a City State is the equivalent of belonging to a Clan or a House up north.

You can also belong to a Mangai Guild, or a Larun, or the Lia Kavair - any of those lateral institutions commands just as much devotion as the Clans. But generally, if you belong to a given City-State, that's the equivalent of Clan membership.

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Thanks for your rapid reply!

I'll follow or hint and make some sort of "clan like" structure of those that are citizens of a cities or nobility of the same.
Let's just say since there are no clans the "eldá" prefix doesn't exist in Kareija so let's make an Noble Archón (Ákena i suppose) would be named Ákena (Archón) Spyros el Panagas (of Shélon)a tall, cruel, extravagant and pervert man, with strong economic contacts, and ruthless ambition, and lets just say a Náldran (Manor lord) Eftichios el Loreas (of Shélon) a spineless, compulsive gambler, with a large manor estate that owes a large debt to Ákena Sypros el Panagas for his gambling habits, in the next election Náldran Eftichios el Loreas gives Sypros el Panagas his vote to keep Sypros el Panagas Ákena because of his debt but in case of an attempt of an invation for Dalkésh, or an attempt of another city states tries lo leave the Larun they all share the same objective the defence of the city of Shélon or the preservation of Shélon Larun it would be something like this right?
Since the Ulmérian League share similar culture the same applies to them I'm i correct? They don't have a Clan or House structure like Kareijan league?

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It looks as if the Umelrien League operates along similar social - structural lines to Karejia, yes. Archons, nobles, freemen, all the way down to slaves, and loyal to a single city state.
At least until someone does an Umelrien Gazetteer or some such.

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There are very definitely clans in Karéjia, just as there are in all the rest of Venârivè. The social structures outlined in the Venârivè module apply to Karéjia as much as the rest of the region.

It is noted on Karéjia 18 that "In most of Karéjia clan identity and inheritance follows the woman's line".

Several clans are identified by name and as clans in the Gazetteer:
* Clan Kolbertez - Ioro (Gazetteer 3)
* Clan Attaline - Hóritar (Gazetteer 22)
* Clan Golmetra - Agia (Gaztetteer 43)
* Clan Sphodron - Liosia (Gazetteer 45)
* Clan Dromodiri - Falir (Gazetteer 48)


Fastred na Beréma

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I misread the entree on woman and families and the mention of clan’s thanks for the clarification.
I read those entries on the gazetteer that you mentioned and indeed there is a clear mention of the clans even thou one is an extint clan.
And in other cities maybe in other cities the name of some clans is in the name of the individuals that are mentioned there.
It’s just that in others modules your mention of clans are very clear either in an excel spreadsheet (witch I thing are awesome) or in the pdf itself, while in Kareija module the mention of ruling clans is very diluted.
Anyway thanks for the clarification and what a great work that you all are doing with "harnworld", maybe sometime later we will see something of a excel spreadsheet with the ruling clans in Kareija or something like that.
Thanks again!