Shorkyne Just Forgotten?

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I know you guys are having a blast in the south of the world where it's likely warmer and sunnier... but I was hoping that there would be some more movement on Shorkyne and Emelrene? I had been working on a long-term project for a Pendragon/Paladin game in the region as well as converting the world to Artesia. But it's all based on that region and there hasn't been anything for a few years so I just got tired of waiting and stopped working on it.

The plan had been to incorporate each map as it was released but then it all dried up!

Any love for Shorkyne? At all? Please?



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We are currently working on maps for Emelrene. Shorkyne will definitely return once we get that one out of the way. Any particular squares you are interested in?


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All of them ;-)

In order of MY preference:


If I had to be general... finish up Loala, then complete another malniren at a time. It's easier to work with a big chunk for campaigns. Every other is concerning because you look at it and think... I have to design it and then they'll come out with something that changes it...

I know you folks are busy and I enjoy that your going all over the world. But I don't plan on any campaigns way out there so for campaign-specific material, the West. Trierzon sounds great and I've been dying to learn more about Palithane.

Thanks for the hard work and the beautiful maps.

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Before I go on and on, please let me take a moment to say thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put into your work. The task you have decided to conquer is herculean, to map and expound upon every region from one end of the Lythian continent to the other. Your attention to detail shows in every word you write. I cannot express the appreciation I have for your endeavors.

When I stumbled across this thread, I have to admit I was taken aback. I thought Shorkyne was lost and forgotten by all but me. I am so happy someone else brought it up once more. I have been a fan of the concepts originally present in the Shorkyne Regional Expansion Module since it was first published in 1991, almost thirty years ago. (Am I really that old?)

So, a few months ago, when I discovered the Atlas Kelestia modules you had written for the Shorkyne region, and the country proper, I was ecstatic. I have enjoyed them immensely, and it’s taken me a while to put my finger on why.

In the Harn products I have purchased over the decades, they play lip service to the idea of “manors,” and how they are the foundation of the agrarian society of medieval times. There is even “Harnmanor,” where it gives examples, and rules for creating them. (I believe four manors are outlined in “Harnmanor.”) Granted, I don’t have every Harn product ever produced. But other than “Harnmanor,” and the unnamed manor in “The Staff of Fanon,” I can’t think of another instance where manors are mentioned other than in vague references. Most of the Harn suppliments are about cities, castles, and keeps.

Until I found Atlas Kelestia!

It is said that 70% to 80% of the population live on these manors. For the first time in my recollection do you show, on the map, that 70% of the places of interest are these manors, or Naloren, to use Shorkyne parlance.

It reminds me of the movie “Robin Hood” starring Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, and Max von Sydow. Here’s a regular guy, Robin, a yoman, who ends up getting caught up in a series of events which take him to the “Naloren” of Loxley. This Naloren is still held by an aging knight, now blind… but its operations, (and troubles,) are managed by his daughter-in-law, Marian. Robin is convinced to help the knight and his daughter, which leads him into a web of intrigue that leads all the way up to the crown.

Since a Naloren is the bottom of the rung, so to speak, of the Shorkyne feudal system, it only makes sense that is the level that most player characters would interact with. And like in “Robin Hood,” some small local problem could very well lead up the chain to the powers that be, leading the player characters into a very complex and challenging situation they would have to deal with.

Case in point: After reading your Atlas Kelestia module “SHKN-F8, Isheres,” many times over, I noticed the Naloren of Harvenil is located in the Isheres Esuaren of the Dumala Malniren, but is held by the Esuar of Ostenlones of the Loala Malniren. Whoa! Somebody’s on the wrong side of the border!

Now I don’t know if you planned this exactly, but it does mention in “SHKN-G8, Andrin,” “…that a succession of Andrin esuaren governors have argued that an arm of Ostelones which spikes 15 leagues northward between Moeles and Realen rivers should be transferred to their control.”

Now wait a minute! Two can play at that game! Why not redraw that border from the Realen River all the way to the Nehamen River? I could see where Ostelones might get the idea, four years ago, to send someone out to start a new Naloren where they want to redraw the border in order to stake that as a claim, to expand their holdings. But the idiot they send, for whatever reason, built the Naloren on the wrong side of the river, crossing the very border they, themselves, wanted to establish!

This mistake could not only draw the Esuar of Isheres into conflict with the Esuar of Ostelones, but the Malnir of Dumala into conflict with the Malnira of Loala, especially if Isheres tries to kick Harvenil out by force.

And not only could they have pissed off just any Malnir, but the Malnir of Dumala. This guy, Anfla alri Dasendis, is “a man often described as the most ugly but most devious malnir in all of Shorkyne.”

So let me get this straight… you cross this guy, and then are surprised that your cattle suddenly start going missing?

Like in “Robin Hood,” I could see where player characters, looking into something as simple as missing cattle for the sister of the Nalor while he is away, could escalate into something that extends well beyond their pay-grade!

Thank you again, for all your attention to detail. It is these details that help spring, (at least my,) imagination into gear.

Now I think I understand the work involved in what I am about to ask, particularly as you begin to get into more populated areas. (The word “herculean” again comes to mind.) But if you ever get the chance, (and since you have asked,) I personally would really like to see Shorkyne regions E8, (the location of Turesgal, seat of the Malnir of Dumala,) and G9, (the location of Castle Holegore, seat of the Malnira of Loala, and wherever the seat of the Esuar of Ostelones is -- the troublemakers behind my convoluted plot.)

Thank you so much for your time!


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Thanks for the feedback - much appreciated!

Clan Hárven hold a manor (Hárvnes) in the Barony (èsuâren) of Óstelonès, which as you say, is Loála malnîren. So the clan hold land both from the Málnîren of Loála AND Dumâla ;-)

This deliberate. Some small clans own land on multiple counties. And yes - it makes life difficult for them :)

Regards, Fastred na Beréma.