HM Gold and Roll20

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Hi all,

I'm starting to develop a campaign in the Ledenheim area which, given the current Cover situation, I'm aiming to run it online and was therefore wondering if there os a character sheet available for Roll20 or a similar platform?

Thanks all


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Roll20 is a great tool. During these "social distancing" times, my RPG groups use it quite regularly.

I just checked the Roll20 community character sheets, and the only two available for Hârn seem to be for HârnMaster 3. Roll20 gives you the option of creating your own sheets, though.

My groups usually use regular non-electronic character sheets and make the checks manually using the dice roll syntax. We find that this method keeps more of the tradtional feel alive. It is also more flexible -- because once we can meet again in person (whenever that may be), we can continue to use the same sheets.

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I'm a pro user on Roll20 and have put a lot of time into my game there, so believe me when I say, you should use Foundry VTT. It's a one time purchase, rather than a subscription and the automation and built in materials specific for Harn are fantastic. That said, ATM, it is (again) all based on HM3, which I do not care for myself, but it's better than creating everything from scratch for Roll20. Hopefully, there will be a HMG addition at some point in the future.

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Yeah, I've heard that Foundry is great.

What both Roll20 and Foundry would need, though, is a HMG character sheet. On Roll20, pro users can make their own sheets and can also upload them as community sheets available to all Roll20 users. It would be great if someone found the time and energy to make one... :)

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I had the same issues and contacted the creator of the HM3 Foundry System extension. He generally said he'd support a HMG variant but had not the time for general support of everything.

Only a short time ago he released a first experimental "switch" for HMG and I am currently testing what is already there. In addition I am compiling the lists of skills, weapons, armor pieces etc. to create an add-on module with all those.

By now it is a great way, already, but still a lot better for HM3 then for HMG. And some things won't change for the more complex Gold topics like Combat.