Harnic Tarot

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Just saw the News bit on the subject (yeah, I'm late). Clicked on the link to order the deck, got "not authorized to access this area" or some such.

Let me guess: it's out of stock.

If I'm wrong, tell me what I have to do to order it. If I'm right when if ever will it be back in stock? :-)

I was able to order the pdf of the book.

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Sorry for the confusion. Due to safety precautions related to the current global health situation, our shipping department cannot send out printed products at the moment. That is why the product item is currently deactivated, and following the link will result in an "access denied" message.

If you like, we can notify you via e-mail once shipping has resumed.

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I would definitely like to know when I can buy this. I believe you have my email address. :)

Be well!