what about hunting for treasure?

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I want to go on treasure hunts in dungeons/caves, etc

What is the best way to go about this using harnmaster and harnworld.

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Hi Brian.

It's hard to answer what the best way might be, as everyone has their own take on what enjoyable gaming is. I will point out though that the HarnMaster Gold GM's Edition has a chapter on treasure including rules for randomly generating treasures as you see fit.

As for the caves and dungeons, there are lots of opportunities to place them in both rural and urban environments. Earth Master ruins, ancient Jarin burial areas, Dwarven mines, Gargun caves, even dragon lairs if you've a mind to.

I think the thing that sets the world of Kethira apart from many fantasy settings is its attempt at plausibility. Efforts are made to construct a fantasy world that makes some sort of sense.

MY best way as a GM to construct a dungeon delving treasure hunt would be to first construct why there is a dungeon. What was it's purpose? Who lived there? HOW did they live there? Do they still live there? If not, what's happened to it since they did? Build a whole history and purpose for this place and then design it to fit that purpose.

The next part would be, why was a treasure put in this place, and why is it still there?

Once those questions (and maybe more) are answered, I'd work on making the dungeon into an adventure. I would try to think up ways to shape it into something that's fun to explore while still making sense as to it's original purpose.

We need more adventures. I'd love to see what you come up with if you make one!



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very helpful, thanks.