Creating Experienced Characters

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This section of the Gamemaster Edition is pretty clearly based on the Skill Development rules in the Player Edition. For most skills, it should work well. But I have a little problem, involving spells. Per "Shek-Pvar", spell ML can only be improved by casting the spell. On the one hand, this seems to argue for some other method of determining how many spell improvement rolls the experienced character should get. OTOH, doing that may have the undesirable side effect of giving too many skill improvement rolls for mundane skills (and possibly for arcane discipline as well). OTGH, if you use the rules as written, you may end up short-changing the experienced character in terms of his advancement in mundane skills, or in mundane skill plus spells as a whole.

How should we resolve this dilemma? Note: I'm not averse to "just ignore it; go with the rule as written" if folks with more experience in this area think that works okay; I'm just not sure, from my inexperienced viewpoint, that it will work okay. :-)