Any VTT Gamers?

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I'm looking to PLAY (not run) my first Harn adventure. Anyone out there interested in running one, or have a spot at a table for someone to jump in?

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1. It starts running on 5 June at 6:00 Eastern Time.
2. Its Rules are the Hero System 5e. 75 free plus 75 disads for 150 total.
3. The flavour is mystery/exploration rather than combat.
4. It will probably start in Coranan in the Thardic Republic but your character does not need to be from there. Elves and Dwarves are fine.
5. Email me stirling newberry gmail com to work on your chacter.

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@dmmilner: Its two years past the time of your post LOL but I figure it can't hurt to ask: did you ever find a game? I'm looking myself which is why I ask.