The Merdain Triangle

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Looking over the wide area maps available, it looks like there is a gap in the coverage of Lythia west of the Santhrada map, east of the curved edge of the Venarive map, and south of the Northeast Lythia map. Consulting Columbia's map of Lythia shows us this, the "Merdain Triangle".

What is here? The mythical dwarven city of Merdain, another dwarven city, Larhakul, essentially unknown to humanity, and what looks to be much of the Narmar river, one of the cradles of ancient civilization. That's a lot of deep history and mystery for such a comparatively small wedge of land. One begins to wonder if what looked at first an innocent oversight has a less benign explanation. Maybe someone doesn't want us to get a good look at what is here.

Just what does Kelestia know, and what are they hiding?

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[Voice of the Mysterons] Already you have said too much... [/Voice of the Mysterons]