Menêma Gazetteer font error

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Just got the Menêma Gazetteer today and as soon as I was reading through the PDF, I got an error on a font;

Cannot extract the embedded font 'NADNPB+KorinnaITCbyBT-KursivRegular'. Some characters may not display or print

This occurs on page 05 (Gazetter 1) onwards up to gaz15

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I don't get that with my copy - could you try re-downloading it? Maybe the incorporated font picked up a glitch in the file transfer; I'm pretty sure the Korinna ones should be embedded in the pdf.

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redownloaded, same error, open from archive as temp and also extract then open.

Looking at embedded fonts, there are 13 fonts.
Cannot attach another image here :(

Use this link;

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After looking around, came across a few other examples where the PDF can throw off a false positive for error.
ie. Korinna ITCbyBT-Regular-SC700 and Korinna ITCbyBT-Regular could be duplicate fonts embedded?

Just a thought, never seen this before :(

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The error dialog cropped up on p. 1 of my copy.
I still have the first one - Menema-Gazetteer-100.pdf - and there are no font errors with that. The font problems definitely happen in Menema-Gazetteer-102.pdf.