Price of Weapons

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The Weaponcrafting rules in HMGpe specify how improvements (positive or negative) impact the price of armour, but there is no similar specification for weapons. So what do people do in this area?

One possibility is to use the Armour Quality table for Weapon Quality as well, so that, for example, a battle sword IX with WQ 17 would cost 220d*275%=495d. For aspect improvements, maybe each ±1impact point adds or subtracts ±5% to the price. Or 10%. Not sure where to set that.

What do others do? Feel free to criticize my suggestions above. :-)

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At least the weapons data tables are in one place, p. 139 of the PDF. You could indeed use the AQ modifiers for WQ, and affect the price of the finished item.
I'll have to give this a closer look, in the morning.

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I'd say you were on the right track with "use the AQ table for WQ and add 10% per aspect boost"; that seems to work out about right.

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Sounds good, thanks.