Eyes of Niyâr

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Just took a look at this spell, and it says...

"The first time a character is so enchanted, his Niyar Eyesight will function at 10% of his EYESIGHT; this percentage increases by 5% on each subsequent use to a maximum of 75% (so after three enchantments, his Niyar Eyesight will function at 25% of his Eyesight.)"

Shouldn't the parenthetical say 20% after three enchantments? The first time, 10%, the second time 15%, the third time 20%... Oh. [I]After[/I] the third time, i.e., the fourth time, it will be 25%. Heh. Tricksy, those mages. At and after 14 total times being enchanted, the 14th and all subsequent enchantments are at 75%. Do I have that right?

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I believe you have it!