Wanting mining info...

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I was reading this in the miners guild...

"MINER'S GUILD" should be accompanied by three other documents, called "MINES IN LYTHIA", "MINING" and "METALLURGY", the first listing details on all mines of Lythia, the second listing all known Lythian mines and giving some examples of typical mines, the last one detailing mining and smelting technologies.

I was wondering where I can get these other 3 articles....?

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Ok I found them. Perhaps anything else on the subject would be helpful..

This all came about when I was trying to come up with a more realistic way to find treasure.

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Glad you found them. I cam across thee quite some time ago and misplaced them as well.
The last ones I found, working on Kanday atm, is that these were done a long time ago and most of the data seems out-dated.

As a pet project while working from home, I started working on a system for the Map Regions and numbering the hexes across each so that cataloguing such features (such as mines) would become easier to catalogue.

Example: SHKN-J7, Salt mine on Hex # (top of AtlasMap). Tîrgamund Brine Pools (Lóas Ántiag Skésa)

Eventually it would be nice to simple have a List of Mines in a similar manner. Although not seen, I'd like to see more added as well, ie using Size and Quality listing alongside the data so that we could adjust with commerce costs for Prices and Quality .

This would work towards an economic/trade data file. This is all a work in progress ;)