Runecraft skill missing

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As I am currently modifying a HM3 Foundry Virtual TableTop Extension to HMG I am working on existing HM3 material and compare it to HMG stuff.

Looking into the skills I can spot several differences, where HMG is having less skills (e.g. missing Folklore). One of these missing skills is Runecraft, but in Glossdex 31 in HMG PE it is listed.

Now, it is just missing in the skill list or is it falsely being listed in the Glossdex? In the first case we are missing all the stats for it. I am very stunned that I haven't noticed this for so many years and that I cannot find anything in Erratas or the forum.


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It's missing from the Skills Table; the Glossdex is correct. HM3's INT•AUR•AUR is an interesting assumption because it keeps the SB of the various esoteric skills distinct – I'd go with that.

By my count, HM3 has six skills HMg does not: Folklore (as you point out), Hunting, Inkcraft, Law, Mental Conflict, and now - according to the new color Version 3.5 - something called Lore (academic knowledge).

HMg has as least four skills HM3 does not: Carving and Mobility (from HMgP); and Arcane Discipline and Arcane Lore (from HMg Magic). You could also include the latter's Spirit skill as HMg's version of Mental Conflict.

HMg has four more Combat weapon skills by distinguishing between Shortswords and Longswords (HM3 Swords); Axes and Battleaxes (HM3 Axes); Staves and Polearms (HM3 Polearms); and Bows and Crossbows (HM3 Bows).

The Foundry project sounds great, Timo!

Walt McAtee
KP Staff