Which spells?

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Most Satia-Mavari start their year-and-a-day with about half a dozen spells. In theory, these could be any level, but in practice probably no one will have been taught anything higher than about level three. Also, I've not heard of any Mavar who was taught any convocational spells outside his primary convocation. So let's say you're limited to half a dozen to a dozen spells, some of which would be neutral, and some of your primary convocation. Which ones would you choose? Pick your convocation first. :-)

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Your Shenava or Viran would probably direct you to read the Genin Text and pick up the convocational Focus, Sanctum, and Periapt of Power. Fount of Power, Shield of Kail, Charge, and False Soul are also options. If your Master felt the need, they could allow you access to Resurge, so you could set your foci and sancta to recharge.
What, you never thought of enchanting a room to become a Fount of Power as well as a Sanctum?
Being able to create your own power tools, workshop, power sources, and abilities to analyse and defend against hostile magic is probably the most responsible thing any Shek-Pvar could teach their Mavari.

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I strongly recommend some thougths to be considered:
1. Flesh out the teacher of your Shek-Pvar. Depending on his behaviour and his known spells set some spells he would teach the Mavari. So for instance as a GM I would allow the mavari to be tought a simple Fyvria healing spell despite it is not allowed in the SP-Generation rules.
2. Since a SP needs something to live on (money in civilisation, nutrishon, etc.) a viran would consider this too. If there are spells which a Shek Pvar could earn money with so put them to a plausible tougth list too.
3. Never teach illegal spells or spells which easily violate rules of the SP or common laws. (i.e. Knife of Kasrith )
4. Tought spell levels according talent of the student. For very talented shek-pvar i recommend Channel VIII and Release III
5. All metamagic spells for understanding the general principles of magic are worth being tougth.
6. Clever Mavari could steal some spells in the pre-Game ; do not forget to adjust his Morale Value if doing so...
7. a last hint ... don't be too restrictive - playing a game should still be fun for players too...