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Hi all,

just posting as I find myself very drawn to finding out more about Kelestia outside the island of Harn. That means I'm naturally drawn to Kelestia Productions' output which has been consistently rich, inspiring - and beautiful visually. However, over the last little while I've been slowly losing hope of seeing anything more as there have been no activity or news the website for well over a year now. There have been a couple of posts in the forum to say that more products are in development and one, if memory serves, said we'd see something earlyish in 2022. We're now heading for a quarter of the way through the year but there's still no news and KP is looking increasingly moribund. This is just my impression from the website and there may be frenzied activity behind the scenes so if so, ignore this (although putting something on the website would help me at least!) Also, this isn't intended as a complaint or whinge, so I'm sorry if it seems so. I'm just really keen to see more detail on Lythia and am worried that I've now seen everything there will ever be!



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I'll ask around and see what's happening.

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Kelestia Productions is very much alive! There are several important projects in the works right now -- which have admittedly taken longer than anticipated. While this confirms that there is definitely a lot more to come, I understand that a more detailed overview would be nice. I'll contact the development teams and see if there isn't more to share...

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Okay, I asked around, and here is what I can share: Currently in development are -- among other things which I cannot reveal at the moment -- a Palithane module, a full-fledged Santhrada (eastern Lythia) module (complementing the Santhrada Map and Index already available), and two modules on Hepekeria. The Hepekeria modules will be released in the next couple of months, so definitely in 2022.

There are several other products in the pipeline, and we will try to share more about these over the course of 2022.

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Wow! Thanks for going above and beyond there! I've now transformed from sweating over the lack of comms on the website to waiting in great anticipation. Every item is something to look forward to. Can't wait!