Hârn regional module

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As part of this new product era, we will also finally reintroduce the eponymous "home region" of the HârnWorld line: the island of Hârn! A new Hârn regional module is in active development, entitled Hârn: The Misty Isle.

Is this Hârn: The Misty Isle title going to be like Venârivè: Northwestern Lýthia or more akin to Summa Venâriva: A Social History of Venârivè?

I would assume more the former, and any following title(s) more akin to the latter.

Either way, I am eager to see these! Been way too long in hibernation

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That's right, the Hârn module will focus on this specific region within Venârivè and will describe the elements found on our Hârn Region Map, to give you an idea of its intended scale of detail. We're looking forward to sharing more over the coming months—and agree it's been asleep too long!

Walt McAtee
Kelestia Productions
Product Director

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Glad to see the forums coming back to life. We've been tending the flame for what feels like years.

Well, yeah, it really is years.

Welcome back.

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Thank you for helping us tend that flame and also for sharing your wonderful stories with the community here! It's highly appreciated!

I'm quite sure the new Hârn module (as well as the new HârnMaster) will bring a lot more activity to these forums over the next months.

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I haven't finished Oshynn's stories just yet. Right now, I have some other fiction to write for a blog called The Spiral Room (not a Harn blog), but I'll come back with a new story in the new year.

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Just came across a youtube video "Harnworld & Harndex Are Disappointing" by WasabiBurger.


The video shows him interested in HârnWorld and wanting to explore material but had a bad introduction.
Maybe something as feedback and a way to reach out, and hence without me adding my two cents worth, but as an FYI if you're interested.

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Interesting, thanks for sharing! I like to think that on this website, we are completely transparent about the format of our products. ;)

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Narrative scenarios for the new book have got to showcase the best, and perhaps weirdest, things under Nolomar. Characters do so much more than delve into dungeons. They can be hired to provide backup and muscle, strategise and plan stuff, infiltrate enemy villages, gather intel, investigate crimes against the State, get involved in politics, or buy a ship and travel the world.
And through Godstones, worlds plural.

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>Hârn: The Misty Isle.

Personally I would prefer more on the rest of Venarive then work on Harn. I know that Palithane is in the making, and later hope for Tarkain the Korlua-Region, not to speak of Trierzon or Azeryan, Gothmir, Hurisea, Dalkesh or the Empires of Kamerand. Or locations like Berema. A city of 3000 years could rivan Chelemby. Adventure modules for Chelemby.

If time is a limiting factor, fleshing out the unknown world would be my preference.

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Overall, KP's strategy is to continue fleshing out the unknown world. As you mention, work is being done on Palithane, and both a Berema City module and a Chelemby-based adventure are, in fact, quite far along. There's been recent work on Azeryan, and the fourth Hepekeria map, as well. However, an updated, fresh publishing take on a Hârn Region module is also needed, as the above-linked Youtube review evinces. In any event, Puster, it's good to hear a voice for the wider world.

Walt McAtee
Project Director

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Agreed. Harn is very well covered. As a collector and customer of Harn products since 1983, I see no value in a Harn Regional module when there are so many regions and kingdoms on Lythia to develop. I love the Kelestia products and look forward to further releases.