Hârn regional module

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As part of this new product era, we will also finally reintroduce the eponymous "home region" of the HârnWorld line: the island of Hârn! A new Hârn regional module is in active development, entitled Hârn: The Misty Isle.

Is this Hârn: The Misty Isle title going to be like Venârivè: Northwestern Lýthia or more akin to Summa Venâriva: A Social History of Venârivè?

I would assume more the former, and any following title(s) more akin to the latter.

Either way, I am eager to see these! Been way too long in hibernation

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That's right, the Hârn module will focus on this specific region within Venârivè and will describe the elements found on our Hârn Region Map, to give you an idea of its intended scale of detail. We're looking forward to sharing more over the coming months—and agree its been asleep too long!

Walt McAtee
Kelestia Productions
Product Director

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Glad to see the forums coming back to life. We've been tending the flame for what feels like years.

Well, yeah, it really is years.

Welcome back.

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Thank you for helping us tend that flame and also for sharing your wonderful stories with the community here! It's highly appreciated!

I'm quite sure the new Hârn module (as well as the new HârnMaster) will bring a lot more activity to these forums over the next months.

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I haven't finished Oshynn's stories just yet. Right now, I have some other fiction to write for a blog called The Spiral Room (not a Harn blog), but I'll come back with a new story in the new year.