Hepekeria Preview Questions

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I'm looking forward to seeing the completion of the overview of Hepekeria. What will be featured in the preview, and what will the two final modules be (as well as when they are planned to be released)?

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Me too! It'll be great to get that important part of the world rounded out. The two western Hepekeria releases will follow nearly identically the two that covered the eastern half: a gazetteer (of similar length) plus map.

I don't have an estimated release date, yet. As far as a "preview of the preview"—do you have a request or suggestion? I'll certainly pass it on to the author.

Walt McAtee
Kelestia Productions
Product Director

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The biggest question is about is the Falani. They're pretty important to the whole region, since they turn up everywhere in the Venarian Sea, looks like. Any fun spoilers about those enigmatic folk?