Ancient Hârgi (Wânden Mountain region)

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Been searching in vein for some information on the Hârgi (ancientworld) who occupied the area before the Yârynè and Ivíni migration period in eastern Lédenheim-Hârbáal & western Huriséa region, SHKN I5, J5, K5.

I am thinking these tribal peoples (being marked as orange) on the Venârivè map, are there in reference (just as the Tonát/Tonátri tribes) are.

In isolated valleys high in the Tonatris Mountains live the Tonatri, a people who claim to pre-date the various Jarind, Pharic, and Azeri peoples who have dominated the region over the ages. They speak their own language, and keep a low profile.

In the area are the Yârla tribal ranges, but these people are Járind which claim to be the natives. Are there stories of ancient peoples in the Wânden Mountains, just as the;

centaurin of Áltôr tell tales of the ‘old friends’, the people before the Álti, known as the Vón (peoples), now long since vanished

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That's far enough back that unless they happened to build really durable things (e.g. like the henge culture did) there would be little trace remaining of them after their range was overrun successively by the Yarhle, Sorki, and Ivini. I'm guessing the real-world equivalent might be something like the Corded Ware culture.