Khuzdul Population in my P-World of Kethira

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Hi everybody,

I'm wondering that no one is getting suspicious about the way too low birthrate of the Khuzdul or Khuzai.
I've calculated with some of the information given. That is from the Sibling Rank Rules in the HMG Player Edition, the Family Tree Rules from the HMG GM Edition and the Azadmere background. So the actual Birth Rate is 3.150 (rounded up). With about 4800 Khuzdul now in Azadmere, the previous generation (here I calculated with 200 years) need about 1523 female Khuzdul to give birth to the today's population. Adding 75% male dwarfs makes a total of 7615 Dwarfes then. And that is under perfect conditions, assuming no dwarfen female being dead before she gave birth to the average of 3.150 kids. Adding this up, again under the perfect condition, at the founding of Azadmere there must be about 200 billions of Khuzai population to decline to the 4800 nowadays population. Way too much to be plausible.
So in my P-World of Kethira the Birthrate of Khuzai is currently 3.817. I've done this in changing the twin rules from 10% Chance per birth being a twin into a 30% Chance being a dwarfen twin. And if you rolled a twin, try again, to be a triplet and so on with the same chance.
Recalculating this to the time of foundation makes still no sense, because then averaging 108 million Dwarfes were needed to found Azadmere.
For the history I have also an idea to solve this as well. Until the Atani Wars the Misty Isle of Hârn were still be close to Siem. Being the protecting deity for the Khuzai, he blessed his people until the downfall of his sovereign rule of the region with more twins and triplets increasing the chance to 50%. That averages in a Birthrate of 4.453 which let the amount of Dwarfen population in Hârn begin with approximately 40,000 in 7000 BT. Increasing them to roughly 900,000 until the Atani Wars. And then after retreating to Kiraz and Azadmere the approximately remaining 50.000 starts with the declining birthrate and ends with 4800 in 720 TZ.

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I like your Siem explanation very much. This could apply to both dwarves and elves. It certainly could be one of the reasons the two races have become so rare.

However, I personally don't think the sibling rank and family tree rules are good demographic indicators. They are meant for generating PCs only and probably take into account the fact that the PC's family is "special".