Palíthanè Characters: Báreth alrí Eláreneles

Báreth alrí Eláreneles, Count of Leshónes, is a powerful loremaster and associate member of the Guild of Arcane Lore, as well as an effective lord of his fief. He studied at Beréma (678-682), Meókolis (684-687) and even Zerúla in Dalkésh (688-689) before inheriting the title of Málnîr following the unexpected and untimely deaths of his elder brother and sister in 698. The Count is now 60 but still in his prime.

The Count is married to Mirícha, eldest daughter of the Count of Áthamas, who he courted upon his return from his studies. They married in 692, and have four children. Chénlad, his heir, is already married to Gorála, sister of the Baron of Cherýser and Kolábae (vassals of the Earl of Degáu), and has given Báreth a grandson. Fraternal twins Dórlan and Éstra are close to their father, and much in his confidence. His youngest daughter Ráfela is betrothed to Jártus al Firlíyan, the second son of the Count of Pálganir.

Báreth is a man of few scruples; but he is extremely precise and careful. While his association with the Guild of Arcane Lore is well known, his status as a Sàvôryan shenâva of the Shèk-Pvâr is unknown to almost anyone outside the chantries he studied at. His twin children Dórlan and Éstra are amongst the few with whom he has confided. He is also extremely careful to abide by the laws of the Shèk-Pvâr.

One of his many aims is to discover the hidden power that has sustained the realm of Emélrenè, and their Émhlè cousins, for centuries. His clan have had a ‘special’ relationship with the Émhlè of Luíndè for generations, but the Émhlè have never been taken the Eláreneles fully into their confidence, which frustrates the Count.

Clan Eláreneles have always been liberal with respect to faith with a mixture of Peónian, Ilvîran, Sávè-K’nôran, and occasional Laránian observance. Their vassals include clan Ráleran, barons of Lánrindas and Heméstra (a leading Sárajìnian clan), and two Ilvîran barons. There are thirteen manorial clans of Ilvîran faith in the County of Leshónes, the largest number of any region in the kingdom. Báreth strengthened his associations with the church of Sávè-K’nôr when in Beréma; his daughter Éstra is a Sávè-K’nôran Priestess. Five of his manorial vassals are also of Sávè-K’nôran faith.