Character Vignettes

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Nice stuff. Do you plan to do that for all of the major players in Palithane society?
It certainly asks for a portrait.
Without a bit more of background these snippets (or vignettes) are nice to read, but not yet usefull for gaming. They do wet the appetite for Palithane. As the core of Palithane is already on the Emelrene map, we can perhaps expect some stuff this year?

Also rooting for Târkáin, as its also very important for the naval routes.

On another note: "The Count is now 60 but still his prime" - lacks an "in"

Keep it on...

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Thanks for the feedback; it’s very useful!

We plan to do these for all the major players (and a few interesting other people) for Palíthanè.

I will see what else we can share as we develop the kingdom; always keen to support people’s ability to use it for gaming.

Ah…. Târkáin - a very interesting and important place. It’s definitely on the list :)

Regards, Jeremy

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The value of these vignettes gets clear when there are none :-)

I was just looking for such information on Ârri alri Thârbel, in conjunction with a find (and hopefully rescue) mission on the heir of the Nurisel Thabel. Having vignettes rather then short information on clans and locations will certainly help to shape the political landscape of a nation.

If you ever have surplus capacity (Ok, never, but still) such an expansion upon Emélrenè would be most welcome, too - especially as it would link in existing stuff.

I assume we get portraits, too? Getting greedy, I know. And I want the Azeryan module with all the local maps next week.

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In one parallel universe, Huthor Thabel of Nurisel took a head injury when his ship sank, fell through a Barasi point, and washed ashore on the island of Puddleby, where he eventually recovered with the exception that he thought his name was his father's, so he took the name Sunoril, and became a Healer. :-)

cf Delta Tao's game Clan Lord.