Premium Content

At Keléstia Productions we are always looking for ways to reward our customers. Without your support, we couldn't continue to develop new material for HârnWorld and Kèthîra.

We also have a considerable amount of material that is under development, but not yet ready for publication; which we would however love to get comment and feedback on.

After quite some thought we think we have identified a way to meet both of these objectives. We are calling this Premium Content.

The way this works is simple: For any of our customers who has spent $100 or more on this website, we will make available a growing amount of 'pre-publication' material. This will be accessible from a Premium tab on the menu bar of this site. Needless to say this will only be viewable by those who have spent the necessary amount.

This material will be 'pre-publication' in that while quite some work will have gone into it, it won't be completely finalised, official or 'canon'. In fact, in many cases we will welcome feedback and comment from our customers, so that we can further improve the material before it is finalised and published.

We hope that people will find this Premium Content a welcome bonus, and we look forward to it enabling more engagement and interaction with our customers.


Jeremy Baker (aka Fastred)
Project Director