Excerpts from our products and preliminary material to give you an impression of what to expect.

HârnMaster Preview: Mental Trauma

This preview of the next edition of HârnMaster (2023) is an excerpt from the Mental Trauma section, dealing with psychological stress and fear.

HârnMaster Preview: Injury Routine

This preview of the next edition of HârnMaster (2023) explains the combat system's Injury Routine in detail. It covers aspects like hit locations and injury effects.

HârnMaster Preview: Sunsign Modifiers

This preview of the next edition of HârnMaster (2023) shows the Sunsign Modifiers Table. Sunsign modifiers are now based on skill groups rather than on individual skills.

HârnMaster Preview: Skill System

This preview of the next edition of HârnMaster (2023) contains the first two pages describing the skill system, covering regular skill tests, opposed tests, attribute tests, and skill value tests.

HârnMaster Preview: Dragon Bestiary Entry

This preview of the next edition of HârnMaster (2023) contains the first two pages of the bestiary entry on Dragons.

Falânia Gazetteer Preview

A two-page preview document for the Falânia Gazetteer, showcasing the beautiful cover illustration, a small-scale version of the map of western Falânia as well as a sample entry from the gazetteer (with information on the city of Silgôra).

Extract of "Summa Venâriva"

The contents page, five pages of text and a map from "Summa Venâriva".

Also available, a copy of the PDF product index.

Extract (200%) of Atlas Keléstia Map

An extract from Atlas Keléstia SHKN-J5 (Ôrgetkin) zoomed in at 200%.

This is a PNG file, rather than a PDF file, which is the format of the actual product.

Lédenheim: Clans & Folk Preview

Lédenheim Cover

Lédenheim: Clans & Folk is a supplement designed for use with Hârbáaler Kingdom of Lédenheim, a publication sold separately by Keléstia Productions Ltd.

This fifty-page supplement includes descriptions of the forty-four great clans of the kingdom plus seven other prominent clans. Profiles are also given of forty-eight important and interesting folk, including all members of the royal family and of the royal council plus other military leaders, ship captains, tribesmen, foreign emissaries, priests, mystics, entertainers, spies and thieves.

Gamemasters will find this publication an invaluable resource for scenario ideas and plot details for adventures set in the kingdom of Lédenheim, in the neighbouring Hârbáaler kingdoms or Huriséan wilderness, or elsewhere around the Gulf of Shôrkýnè.

The full product is available for purchase here.

Venârivè Player Guide

Venarive CoverThis free module - while designed as a player guide - also provides an excellent introduction and overview of the northwestern region of Lýthia, known as Venârivè.

Venârivè is an expansive region where for thousands of years peoples, religions, and nations have developed, traded, and clashed. It includes all the lands around the Venârian Sea and the regions which lie to the north and west, including the powerful empires of Ázeryàn and Dalkésh, the kingdoms of Tríerzòn and Shôrkýnè, and the lesser states of Hârn and Iváe.

This 20-page preview includes:

  • an introduction to Venârivè
  • an overview of the cultures, societies, and forms of government in the region
  • information on economics and trade, including coinage
  • some of the common folklore and legends across the region
  • an overview of the religions of the region, including the major pantheons
  • introductory information for the various realms of Venârivè, including Ivínia, Hârbáal, Quârphor, Reksýna, Tríerzòn, Ázeryàn, and many more
  • a list of the titles and key terms used, in key languages
  • weights and measures, and the names of months
  • a list of languages and scripts

The full Venârivè: Northwestern Lýthia module describes Venârivè in considerable detail.

A preview of the Venârivè map

Venârivè Map Sample

Free Guide and Preview

The Venârivè Player Guide and 'preview' can be downloaded here: