Sánthrada - Eastern Lýthia Map and Index

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The Sílfalai, the eastern cousins of the Hârnic Sínai, describe Eastern Lýthia as Sánthrada, "The Gardens We Traverse". This term encompasses all of the lands of Lýthia east of the Gulf of Mafán. It is a huge and tremendously varied place, featuring steaming jungles, snowswept plains, churning seas and cloud-tipped mountains, barren deserts and bustling cities.

This map and index cover a vast region that includes many powerful, mysterious and ancient realms:

  • Argóla - the northern Khanate
  • Chomsún - the beleaguered state wedged between Káneum and Diramóa
  • Diramóa - Lýthia's most populous state
  • Jánkor - northern rival to Diramóa
  • Káneum - a southern Khanate
  • Ketârh - a vast region which spreads across central Lýthia
  • Eastern Mafán - a multiplicity of realms with diverse histories
  • Melûria - a much-diminished state with a dark past
  • Molkûra - oldest realm in Lýthia, with a history stretching back beyond memory
  • Pechósu - A relatively new realm with an unusual culture
  • Shóju - island empire seeking continental expansion

This product includes two PDF versions of the map - one a multi-layered PDF, the other a single-layered PDF. It also includes a 14-page index of the key sites noted on the map.

This map and index will be complemented by a forthcoming module detailing these realms and the peoples and cultures that inhabit Sánthrada.