Shôrkýnè Regional Map (interactive PDF)

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By N. Robin Crossby, Jeremy Baker, Ken Snellings, and Robert Schmunk.
3 PDF documents
2 interactive maps (one all layers version, plus a bonus smaller version with vector layers only), supported by an 8-page geographic index

A fully interactive map of the region of Shôrkýnè, which covers the realms and regions of Shôrkýnè itself, as well as Hârbáal, Huriséa and the northernmost part of Emélrenè, as well as some parts of Járenmark, Quârphor and Lánkor. It also includes, on a second page, the southern part of Shôrkýnè which is found on the Tríerzòn regional map, and thus some parts of Tríerzòn.

This map is a natural complement to our Chélemby and Lédenheim publications.

The vegetation and relief layer makes geographical features in this region clearer than ever before.

Shôrkýnè Region

This version includes all of the geographical and settlement features from N. Robin Crossby’s original Shôrkýnè map, with many additional features identified. There are more than 1,100 geographical and settlement features on this map.

This map is in the same style as the Hârn Interactive Map, providing the same level of functionality and flexibility.

This interactive PDF includes the following layers:

  • Frame and Legend
  • Geography, Maritime, and River features
  • Principal, Secondary, and Religious Settlements
  • Special / Hidden Features
  • Tribal Groups and Tribal Ranges
  • Trade Goods, Major Mines, and Fauna
  • Navigation Features and Ferry Routes
  • National, Sub-National, and District Boundaries
  • Paved and Unpaved Roads
  • Tracks and Trails
  • 25-League Square Grid and 5-League Hex Grid
  • Political Core Territories
  • Coast and river outline, coastal emphasis, and a sea and river colour 'wash' (these layers are intended to be used as alternatives when the Vegetation and Relief layer is 'off.')
  • Vegetation and Relief layer (this layer is included in the full version of the map, but omitted from the included vector-only version of the map, which is thus a much smaller file size.)

Note: For the interactive map to display and work correctly, you need Adobe's Acrobat Reader of at least version 6.x (or higher).

Guide to using interactive "layers"

Here is a guide to using the 'layers' on interactive maps: