Summa Venâriva - A Social History of Venârivè

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By Keléstia Productions Staff
Electronic Download Product
Includes a 130 page PDF file, and two eBook versions of the same material, one in ePub and one in Mobi (Kindle) format.

This module provides an extensive overview of the social, religious, demographic and economic history of Venârivè. It is provided in long essay format, accompanied by several maps and illustrations. It is designed as a companion and expansion for the Venârivè Northwestern Lýthia module.

This product includes the following chapters:

  • The Beginnings of Venârivè (before BT300)
  • The Summer of the Classical Age (BT300 to TR1)
  • Crisis and Depression (TR1 to TR150)
  • The Imperial Age (TR150 to TR450)
  • The Imperial Cults (TR1 to TR450)
  • The Imperial Autumn (TR450 to TR550)
  • The Red Death (TR550 to TR600)
  • The Modern Age (TR600 to TR720)

The product also includes an extensive Index and Glossary.

Summa Venâriva provides in-depth information on Venârivan society that will support high quality roleplaying and game development.