Hârnic Tarot (PDF module)

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By N. Robin Crossby
Revised by Arien Crossby
PDF document

N. Robin Crossby's "Hârnic Tarot" is a set of rules for the Hârnic Tarot deck. It is intended for use with HârnMaster Gold but is compatible with any role-playing system.

First released in 1996, and updated in 1999, this is the new and revised 3rd edition from 2019.

Like the previous editions, this PDF edition does not include a set of printed Tarot Cards but illustrations and descriptions of the cards and reading procedures. In addition, rules are given for simulating Tarot readings and divinations during role-playing sessions, using dice instead of cards.

For a printed version of the card deck, see the Hârnic Tarot (printed) product which also includes this document as a bonus.