Hávnhus Interactive - PDF map for Chélemby City

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Hávnhus Interactive is a high quality PDF version of the Hávnhus interior layout map included in Chélemby: City of the Sea Kings.

This download is a multi-layered PDF file, with the following layers:

Chéler Player Guide (Free)

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By Jeremy Baker and Ken Snellings,
based on the work of N. Robin Crossby.
PDF document
12 pages (illustrated, colour)

Chélemby City is the largest urban centre in the northwestern region of Venârivè, on the continent of Lýthia.

The kingdom of Chélemby is a unique blend of the northern Ivínian, southern feudal and ancient Járind cultures.

Chélemby City Poetic Map

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Marc Grunert and Ken Snellings collaborated on this incredible poetic map of Chélemby city, which shows every single building in the town...

Chélemby City Preview

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Preview of the Kingdom of Chélemby module
PDF; 2 pages, including a poetic map of Chélemby.
PDF; 3 pages, including extracts from Chélemby City.

The full product is available for purchase here.

HarnMaster Gold Character Portfolio System

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The following is a HarnMaster Gold Character Portfolio system designed to help folks keep track of character data. The BASE file contains the six pages that are most often needed. Additional pieces of the portfolio can be downloaded and added to the character's notebook as desired.

Hope you like it.