Scenario Ideas

Scenario Idea 1: Tyána's Shade

Saturday is still part of the week, right? ;) -- As promised in the previous announcement, we hereby launch our new website feature: Scenario Ideas, an intermittently published series of inspirations and material for adventures and campaigns set on Kèthîra.

We start out with a revised version of the classical mini-scenario Tyána's Shade. It comes as a PDF document and contains maps and statistics for HârnMaster Gold and GURPS. Additional support for the d20 System is planned for future issues of the series; should you want to play Tyána's Shade using d20 rules, please say so -- we will then provide an appropriate stat sheet as a separate download.

A certain innovation is the "Information and Rating" system: On the title page of each Scenario Ideas document, game masters are given a quick yet differentiated overview over the material within the respective issue -- without giving away any possible spoilers to players that might be looking for an adventure for their group. In this regard, I would like to thank our member Allan for encouraging the employment of such a system.

We are going to quote the Information and Rating part in each issue's announcement here on the site -- like in the following for Tyána's Shade.

Setting: a hilly forest area close to human civilisation,in a temperate climate zone of Kèthîra

Overall Threat Rating: low

Generic Specific
Site-based Event-based
Self-contained Open-ended
Wilderness Survival:
NPC Interaction:

Extras: maps, NPC statistics

We hope you have fun using Tyána's Shade in your campaign and are looking forward to feedback of any sort.
Miscellaneous Content: