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Venârivè Player Guide

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This free module provides a general overview and guide for players of characters in the northwestern region of Lýthia - Venârivè.

Venârivè is the expansive region where for thousands of years peoples, religions, and nations have developed, traded, and clashed. It includes all the lands around the Venârian Sea and the regions which lie to the north and west, including the powerful empires of Ázeryàn and Dalkésh, the kingdoms of Tríerzòn and Shôrkýnè, and the lesser states of Hârn and Iváe.

Chéler Index

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An index of the content of the principal products which describe the Kingdom of Chélemby:

  • Kingdom of Chélemby
  • Chélemby: City of the Sea Kings
  • Evánekin
  • Kolâdis

This product will continue to be updated as new Chélemby products are released.

Hávnhus Interactive - PDF map for Chélemby City

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Hávnhus Interactive is a high quality PDF version of the Hávnhus interior layout map included in Chélemby: City of the Sea Kings.

This download is a multi-layered PDF file, with the following layers:

Chéler Player Guide (Free)

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By Jeremy Baker and Ken Snellings,
based on the work of N. Robin Crossby.
PDF document
12 pages (illustrated, colour)

Chélemby City is the largest urban centre in the northwestern region of Venârivè, on the continent of Lýthia.

The kingdom of Chélemby is a unique blend of the northern Ivínian, southern feudal and ancient Járind cultures.

Chélemby City Poetic Map

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Marc Grunert and Ken Snellings collaborated on this incredible poetic map of Chélemby city, which shows every single building in the town...