Tuvâra: The Great Southern Savannah

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By Keléstia Productions Staff

PDF document

48 pages and map.

The lush savannahs between the Venârian Sea and the Anzelôrian Rainforest are home to some of Kèthîra's most remarkable fauna. They are also home to the Tuvâra - a race that combines nobility and savagery in equal measure. Gold and ivory lure many an adventurer here, as well as rumors of ancient ruins and hidden cities. But the hazards are as great as the rewards. Some will find a fortune here - others, death in the jaws of the river dragons or a life of slavery in the distant East.

This module includes articles that detail the history, geography, culture, and politics of Tuvâra and the northern Neshái tribes, as well as settlements of southern Býria; over 150 geographical locations are described. These include an overview of the ancient trading city of Tâlfa, and the growing centre of Órovâshè.

An electronic map suitable for printing at 50cmx37.5cm (20”x15”) is included, in both multi-layered and single-layered formats

As a bonus, a 7-page article on Smuggling provides a comprehensive description of this important aspect of life in Venârivè.

This publication is part of the Venârivè Almanac Series, which supports Venârivè: Northwestern Lýthia. It is an excellent companion the Býria - the Holy Matriarchy.